In response to YT article published on 11/02/02 The population explosion exposed [Archives:2002/11/Business & Economy]

March 11 2002

By: Abdullah Fawaz
In regards to an aging population is viewed as a disaster, and efforts are undertaken to revive healthy population growth.
Yemen as with all Muslim world and the so-called Third World is a disaster and it’s not due to population growth. Rather it’s due to the corrupt rulers appointed by the west to dictate over the population with a rotten colonialist system. e.g. Argentina and the IMF.
Also the structural agreement polices in Yemen guaranteeing the outflow of cash reserves to the West, resulting in the shrinking of the size of wealth, as opposed to distributing the wealth amongst the population in terms of badly needed services and investment in heavy industry.
Western countries driven by greed and selfishness, have been planning for a long time to deliver a fatal blow to what they call the ‘Third World’ populations which includes Muslims, in order to restrain their growing numbers which the West regards as a threat to their vital interests.

Reviving an old theory
Therefore, backed by the industrial and financial institution, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, a large number of intellectuals, politicians and economists have worked towards reviving the barbaric theory which Malts projected in his essay of 1798 entitled “The Principle of population.
He argued that the more the world population grows, the less world food output is able to meet peoples needs. He also argued that the outbreak of wars and the spread of epidemics would be a natural solution to overpopulation. Since then the intellectuals in Britain, France and the USA have concentrated their efforts in finding a fertile ground for their plan within the Muslim world.
The former US secretary of State, Henry Kissinger was the first to address the issue of population politically, when he submitted a detailed report to the national Security Council about the demographic explosion, describing it as a strategic threat to the security of the USA. He also produced a list of countries targeted in his policy including, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia and others.
Massive wave
He referred the task of execution of this policy to the IMF and the UN agencies such as the World Health Organization, so that the Western countries could face the threat posed by this massive human wave of the ‘Third World’ countries who according to him have become unable to meet the needs of their citizens.
A comparison of the numbers of people living in the West and the ‘Third World’, and between the rates of consumption of consumer goods and energy, would shed light over the reality of the dirty scheme of the Western countries, and the reason behind their barbaric comparing , which is to achieve total hegemony over the world and to exploit its riches.
According to statistics, the world population totals 5.5 billion of which 25% live in the industrialized world and 75% in the Third World . The population of the industrialized world: Europe, America and Japan consume 80% of the energy , 85% of wood and 80% of foods. As for the undeveloped” Third World”, whose population numbers 4 billion , they only consume 17% of all the natural resources. Also the average income of a European is 20 times higher than that of a person living in the “Third World”.
Despite this difference , the rich industrialized countries have laid a heavy burden of debts on the poor countries, which in total exceed US $1,500 billion. Between 1982 and 1990, $418 billion was transferred to the industrialized world.
High standards at expense of others
This brief account of demographic and economic situation of the world highlights the fact that the capitalist countries have exploited the world riches in order to provide their citizens with a high standard of living at the expense of others . This should not come as a surprise since the capitalist ideology embraced by the West is based on benefit and it’s objective is always to achieve maximum physical pleasure.
The so-called Third World countries are rich in natural resources and farming lands , and they are capable to satisfy the basic needs and even the luxuries of billions of people.
A leading expert on natural science admitted that the existing resources are sufficient to provide a standard of living, in fact, equal to that of the Swiss farmer, for more than 75 billion people, provided the distribution is carried out correctly.
However the greed of the Western capitalist countries , devoid of all the values and based on looting and robbery ,would not rise to view the world from a humanitarian viewpoint. They will continue to pursue their policy of restraining population by using all methods available, in order to satisfy their luxuries.

French scientists say reduce population
The Western scientists’ proposals about the restrain of population have been multiplying. The infamous French scientist Cousteau suggested that by killing 250.000 people a day, the Western world can ensure it’s survival. The Frenchman Levy Strauss suggested the reduction of the world population from 5.5 billion to 2 or 3 billion.
In a report submitted to the UN Co-ordinator on population in 1991, the former US president was argued to take a leading role in restraining overpopulation in the Third World. As for the Muslim countries, the US and other Western powers have managed to wage a vicious campaign against proliferation, especially in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran and Egypt, through pressure applied on the collaborating regimes of these countries by the World Bank and the IMF.
Some of the religious institutions have also played a conniving role in extolling this repugnant action and presenting it in a favorable light to the Muslims, to the point where Iran who claims to be an Islamic state, has become one of the leading countries who adopted the concept of family planning , followed closely by Bangladesh, Egypt and Indonesia. And whilst intensifying their population by offering generous financial assistance to encourage families to have large numbers of children they even grant citizenship to foreign residents in order to increase populations.
Where are the American Indians?
This is the reality of the conspiracy which the West has concocted against the Muslim Ummah and the rest of the world population, and which is leading to the destruction of mankind and the extermination of many people and nations, as happened before in the American continent. Where are the American Indians?
The Cairo Conference held in 2000 serves as vivid evidence about what the enemies of Islam have in store for the Muslims. They are now trying to exterminate them after they had failed to destroy their Aqeeda.
Their claim that a reduced population and smaller families would guarantee a better life is only a new and deceptive scheme concocted by the capitalist West, which has offered the Muslims nothing but adorned rhetoric and empty promises, such as human rights, freedom and democracy, while in fact it is only after securing a better life for its own people at the expense of others.
Allah Ta’ala is the Creator and the Provider, and no soul shall die until it has exhausted all its prescribed provision and life. This is a basic concept that every Muslim carries, and which is not open to compromise.
Allah Ta’ala says: “Kill not your children for fear of want: we shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you: verily the killing of them is a great sin” [TMQ 17:31]
“There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah: he knows the time and place of its definite abode and its temporary deposit: All in a clear record” [TMQ 11:6]
“No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor has their fathers. It is the envoy of the Lord of the universe, Jibril, who has inspired into my heart that no soul would die until it exhausts its provisions”

Rely on Allah Taala
Therefore working towards the propagation of the concept of family planing among the Muslims and imposing it upon them by the ruler contradicts the ideological concept which makes the Muslim fearless of poverty and need, and which makes him rely on Allah Ta’ala and count on him. The point at issue is not related to an individual action, performed by some individuals, which is Mubah (permitted) for them, as mentioned in the Hadith of ‘Al-Azi’ (premature withdrawal), but in fact is a filthy scheme aimed at reducing the number of Muslims, once the partners of evil (to quote G. Bush) realized that the words “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (saw) is the Messenger of Allah”, shall soon mushroom all over the world. Muslims must remember that Islam is the only principle capable of solving the world’s problems, and eradicating the disastrous legacies of the capitalists creed. It is Islam which will guarantee prosperity and permanent peace and tranquillity for all mankind. Let us therefor work towards establishing the Khilafa which will bring Islam back to temporal life, to govern the individuals affairs as well as the nations. Let us proliferate and increase the number of Muslims so that the master of Messengers (saw) is proud of us, for he (saw) said “Marry the devoted and prolific one, for I shall be proud of you before other nations.”