In Sana’a, capital of Arab culture, Many investment opportunities squandered [Archives:2004/735/Business & Economy]

May 6 2004

It is to be noted that the activities related to programs implemented in depicting the image of Sana'a, capital of Arab Culture 2004, are performed in a randomly way despite of the importance of their significance as investment projects. Those projects can be marketed in tourist and artistic way and to promote through them for tourist products, religious and historical landmarks and also the folklore arts and dances that accompany those activities.
Specialized persons in investment sector many of those activities are implemented as if transient, without a sense of art or investment dealing with what it could be marketed and getting from it proceeds in hard currency. For instance many European, Arab and American arts ensembles have been visiting Yemen to take part in activities of the Sana'a capital of Arab culture 2004 but their performances have not been recorded on a basis of well-studied methods. Those specialists have also made it clear that those in charge of the activities consider them just as singing parties and that the participation of those teams are for entertainment purposes and in celebration of the capital only. They do not think that there is a possibility of exporting that artistic production and music abroad and accompanied by images representing certain tourist landmarks and portions of old Sana'a with its historical treasures.
They also stress that the investment dimension of celebrating Sana'a as capital of Arab culture has to be taken care of and to set up an artistic and information team to help promote the activities with possible ways which are many, requiring accuracy in organisation and best selection. What calls the attention is the activities are held without enthusiasm by the private sector and such negligence is attributed to non-confidence between the official side that supervises the activities and private sector capitals seeking for rapid profits and would not care about what could be gained of achievements if they had participated in artistic production and marketing for Sana'a.
It seems the need is much wanted for engaging the local private sector in investing tourist activities and dealing with Yemeni, Arab and foreign cultural and artistic weeks with an investing and marketing sense yielding benefit to the national economy.