In Sana’a: Russians at Tomb of Unknown Soldier [Archives:2005/820/Community]

February 28 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Dozens of Yemen's Russian community members in Sana'a gathered on Feb. 23 in front of the Tomb of the Russian Unknown Soldier.

The tomb in Sana'a is located at the edge of al-Rawdhah, on the northern outskirts of Sana'a.

They set flowers at the tomb on the occasion of the 87th anniversary of the defense of the Russian homeland.

The event was attended by General Musharaf Mohammed Ahmed, Deputy Chief of Staff for Supply Affairs along with Alexander Zasypkin, Russian Ambassador to Sana'a, the Russian Military Attache and a number of Arab and foreign military attaches to Yemen.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was built after the Sab'een Siege War, in the late 1960s, between Yemen's revolutionary and royalist forces.

Russian airmen participated in the resistance and defended Sana'a. Some were killed and buried in the same place where the tomb stands today.