In Taiz governorateTeachers suspended by Education Ministry [Archives:2003/691/Local News]

December 4 2003

In an unprecedented move that evoked anger and frustration by tens of teachers throughout the governorate of Taiz, 75 files of employees working in the Ministry of Education have been suspended and not sent to the civil service office to issue employee degrees.
Tens of graduates from departments of English-language and Mathematics have had their files put aside among thousands of other files of other graduates in a move seen by those teachers as unjust and intolerable.
“This is a serious legal crime as lists of graduates who deserve employment degrees have been altered and manipulated in an unjust manner,” said one of those teachers who was deprived from his degree.
This comes in a time when those graduates are planning to give a letter of complaint to President Ali Abdullah Saleh for the suspension of their files.