In the frame of tourist promotionForeign diplomats enjoyed Socotra [Archives:2005/827/Last Page]

March 24 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
A number of diplomats came back to Sana'a on March 14 after enjoying a 3-day journey to Socotra. The journey was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Yemenia Airways and other tourist offices.

The group of diplomats consisted of diplomats from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, and Holland. They were accompanied with Muhialdin Al-Dhabi, the first Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The survey program of the Arab and foreign diplomats was performed in the frame of efforts devoted to promote tourism and activating the tourist activities in the Yemeni islands especially Socotra that is in the Indian Ocean which occupies the highest position in terms of tourism.

The diplomats have known a number of places such as: Hulaf, Muri, Qadheb, and a variety of areas that Socotra is famous for.

The group of diplomats made sea trips in order to know the lifestyle and escapes of life with the various cultural and social activities. A night artistic session was attended by the visitors in which many aspects of Socotra's cultural heritage including poetry, prose, dance, and singing was presented.

The trip members showed their promising expectations of the island's tourist future because of its being one of the rare tourist areas with captivating distinguished features.