In the Memory of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf Ceremony in Al-Turbah, Taiz [Archives:1999/27/Reportage]

July 5 1999

On Tuesday morning, June, 26, the commemorative ceremony for three deceased: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Poet Abdullah Salam Nagee, and the leader of the Mugahedeen, Abdullah Ali Al-Hakeemi, was held by the United Public Forces and Al-Wahda Club at the hall of Al-Wahda Club.
The ceremony was attended by a large number of dignitaries, including Mr. Abdoh Alsalam Razaz, the General Secretary of the United Public Forces, Mr. Abdoh Alelah Al-Mohabi, a member of the consultative council and the chairman of the party in Altorba, the Director of the Security Office, as well as a huge number of people.
The ceremony was inaugurated with the recitation of the Quran, followed by a word by Mr. Aref Abdoh Saif Al-Adeemi, the Chairman of the commemorative ceremony and the man in charge of propaganda and thought in the United Public Forces, Altorba branch. Some of his main points were the following:
The late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf was one of the very few people who held high qualifications in the country, which is a sign of his strong capability as well as of his extraordinary features. His great excellence in science and ethics have been magnificently reflected by the various deeds he has done. He was a successful model in all that he has done, and that was mainly because he was never been after money or leadership. He was actually a lighthouse leading Yemen and Yemenis to prosperity.
Mr. Aref Abdoh also talked about the deceased, Abdullah Salam Nagee, the poet and geologist who devoted his life to others, talking about their difficulties and problems inside and outside the country. He also mentioned the leader of Almogahedeen Al-Hakeemi, whose first annual passing away memorial will be held in the coming days. Al-Hakeemi was the first Yemeni to establish the Scientific and Mystical Confederation in Britain. He has also published a magazine there.
A word from the late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf’s family was said by Emad Al-Saqqaf, the Bureau Chief of the Taiz Office, Yemen Times. He talked about the late’s unique ability to take upon himself the responsibility of creating a better tomorrow and establishing the well-being of Yemen. He said: “I am really grateful to you all for holding this commemorative ceremony and paying tribute to the great and faithful man, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf.” He went on to say that the late is not dead, because even if he left us in the body, his soul is still alive in the hearts of the people whom he defended and struggled for. He also said that the late was the kind of man we need. He said that we would never forget this man and we would go on in the same path and footsteps he started. He concluded his speech by saying that we should all participate in establishing the free democratic Yemen that Dr. Al-Saqqaf struggled for.
The word from the members of Culture Public in Al-Hogariah was presented by Mr.Hassan Al-Madanee, the vice chairman of the Culture Public. He talked about the grave losses Yemen suffers by losing these great people
A speech for the literary man, Abdulla Salaam’s family was presented by his son, Sahl Abdullah. He thanked all those present, and those who participated in organizing the ceremony.
After that, an elegy by the poet was presented. Ahmad Yahia Daghes, a member of the Yemeni Literary Men Association.
Then a speech on behalf of the martyr Al-Hakeemi was presented by his grandson, Anwar Al-Hakeemi, who said that the deceased’s memory would go on as his life was full of sacrifice and struggle.
A word from the House of Coordination of Opposing Parties in Lahaj governorate was presented by the representative of the house, Mr. Mohammed Hassan Fareed. He said:
“Dr. Al-Saqqaf has left, leaving us and this country alone to face the difficulties, obstacles and the corrupt. He also wondered who would be able to say no and expose the corruption to the public.”
To express the deep love and respect for the late Dr. Al-Saqqaf, a speech in the English Language was presented by Nabeel Saeed Abaas, who said if Al-saqqaf has left us for good, his ideas, values and principles are still alive and will be immortalized in the hearts of the people who love Yemen.
An elegy was also presented by Mr. Farea Abdoh Farea, a well-known literary person, who said:
“These people are alive through their deeds, which will stand through time. It is our duty to remember these people and to give them their due.”
Mr. Taha Al-Gukaiba also participated in this ceremony, with an elegy to the dead.
The concluding words were said by Mr. Mohammed Soltan Abdullah, the vice chairman of the United Public Forces’s branch in Altorba, in which he said that Dr. Al-Saqqaf was a multidimensional figure who did a lot to help the people of Yemen. He also said that it is a heavy loss for Yemen and Yemenis, to lose such people who could have done even greater things if they had lived. He asserted that great people are judged through their actions, and these people have been distinguished through their strong support for justice, human rights and freedom, especially Dr. Al-Saqqaf. He was successful in reflecting a picture about Yemen to the outside world. He said that the way is still long before us, and that we should devote ourselves to the supreme values of these people. At the end of his speech, he thanked all who participated in organizing that commemorative ceremony, and all those who attended it.