In the new government job ladderYR 20 thousand approved as lowest salary [Archives:2005/872/Local News]

August 29 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- The Yemeni Government put an end on Saturday August 27 to the sharp controversy between public sector employees and the public by issuing its ultimate decision to raise to YR20 thousand the lowest potential salary for a civil servant.

The increase in salaries will be counted from the beginning of July and will be delivered to employees at the end of September with a retroactive effect. By this the government approved the table of wages and salaries in the first phase of implementing the wages, salaries and jobs strategy.

The government's hesitation between raising the lowest salary at the job ladder to 20 thousand rials and then reducing it to 15,500 rials after cutting fuel subsidies aroused public uproar.

Hamoud al-Sofi Minister of Civil Service and Insurances denied that the government was in confusion and the strategy's being ambiguous is not unusual, adding that regulations and procedures associating with job hierarchy are being implemented at different government institutions.

According to the strategy, 7200 rials is the annual allowance of the President , 6400 rials is the Vice President's and 5600 rials is the annual allowance assigned for the Prime Minister.

Plentiful tasks and duties should be carried out before applying the strategy such as dismissal of falsely employed people, fraudulent jobs and reforming disorders at the Ministry of Civil Service, al-Sofi said in a press conference on the wages, salaries and jobs strategy.