In the UK Embassy Bombing Trial: VERDICTTODAY [Archives:2001/29/Front Page]

July 16 2001

The Penal Court of Sana’a holds its final session in the trial of the four suspects involved in the bombing attack against the UK Embassy in Sana’a last October. The Judge Mohsen Alwan is expected to pass his sentence against Abu Bakr Jayol, Ahmad Masood, Salem Salem Abu Jahel and Faris Saleh Taher.
These four suspects have been accused of carrying out the bombing of the UK Embassy and the explosions of Aden in the beginning of this year. Jayol and Masood are also accused of planting explosives near the residence of ex-Minister of Interior, Hussein Arab.
During the final hearing session held last Monday, the prosecutor confirmed the charges against the suspects. Jayol and Masood confessed their involvement in the UK Embassy and Aden explosions. Masood added that he planted explosives near the Interior Minister’s house in connivance with one of the Minister’s escorts named Hadi Masood.
The other two suspects denied their participation in the terrorist attacks. The first two suspects said they had nothing to add to their confessions before the court during 10 sessions and appealed for justice
The advocate of the fourth suspect defended his client and said that his client had nothing to do with the case. He also said that the other suspects denied his client’s involvement in the bombing of the embassy and requested the judge to set him free.
The lawyer of the UK Embassy, Mr. Lebeed Ahmad said last Monday that a letter from the Embassy was submitted to the court concerning the demands of the embassy. The UK state department did not ask for compensation from any of the suspects in a hint that the Yemeni government is to pay for the damage caused to the Embassy.