In tribute to Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf’s 4th death anniversaryYemen Times publishes twice a week [Archives:2003/638/Front Page]

June 2 2003

Yemen Times Staff
Sanaa – Sunday, June 1 (YT) ) In a press statement released last Saturday, Yemen Times announced that on the occasion of the fourth death anniversary of the newspaper's founder Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, it will be coming out twice a week every Monday and Thursday.
The decision of coming out twice a week was made after extensive research and after a year-long feasibility study was carried out to accurately evaluate the situation and take the final decision of going ahead with a semiweekly Yemen Times.
“We have taken the decision to publish our newspaper twice a week as a tribute to the founder Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf -may his soul rest in peace- on his fourth death anniversary on June 2nd. This step comes as a normal consequence of the growth and increasing popularity that the newspaper has been gaining in the last few years locally and abroad. Readers and clients alike have been calling upon us to publish twice a week for some time, and today we are pleased to inform them that the second edition in every week will be out every Thursday.” Mr. Al-Saqqaf said in the statement.
The statement added that the Thursday edition of YT will include all the topics and categories of the Monday edition, but may also include other sections as well. It will be distributed in the same way as the Monday edition, and will be appealing to those who would relax in their homes to read the news of the week or for those who would come back to their offices on Saturday to look at the events of the earlier week.
“We have not taken this decision until we completed an overall feasibility study, that lasted for several months, about this project. We believe that coming out twice a week will serve the readership community as well as hundreds of companies that requested more space on our newspaper's pages.” YT advertising Department Manager Rasheed said.
An official approval letter was also sent to the Yemen Times, the Ministry of Information represented by Deputy Minister Mr. Mohamed Shahir congratulated Yemen Times on this development. “We congratulate you on this good step that resembles the popularity of the newspaper among its readers” Mr. Shahir said. He then wished the newspaper and its management the very best for the future.
On the other hand, companies that learned about this new development have expressed delight and congratulated the YT on taking this step. Mr. Jamal Al-Mutareb, a prominent Yemeni businessman and owner of Al-Mutareb companies said, “We are truly delighted that Yemen Times is now coming out twice a week. This will provide us with alternative dates for publishing advertising material for companies throughout the country in Yemen's most widely read English-language newspaper and by advertising their products and services twice a week, will enable them to handle their marketing affairs more adequately and intensively.” He said.
On this same issue, many diplomats have expressed their happiness for this step as it will allow them to get up-to-date news about happenings in Yemen in impartial, independent, truthful, and accurate reporting that readers have known Yemen Times with during weekdays on Monday and on Thursday at the end of the week. “Your credibility and popularity among local readers and the expatriate community makes you a preferred source of news, and by coming out twice, you will even broaden your readership base.” Mr. Engin Arikan of the Turkish Embassy said.
The YT has been in continuous growth ever since Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf passed away on June 2nd 1999. The newspaper grew in size from tabloid to broadsheet at the end of 1999, and then in 2001, the newspaper increased the number of pages by 50% to include regional and international illustrated wire news after subscribing to the world's largest news agency Reuters.
Today, Yemen Times is the only English-language newspaper in Yemen that comes out more than once a week, and -after taking this important step- the newspaper is expected to double its impact and readership in the local market and abroad.
“We have been calling for professionalism in journalism, in management, and in marketing. We are working hard to resemble an example for others to follow suit in this regard. We are a newspaper open for new ideas, initiatives, and change change for the better. We will continue to depend on our young staffers who have shown how hard working, enthusiastic and creative they are while working in the Yemen Times.” said Editor-in-Chief Walid Al-Saqqaf.
“This is a time of pride for all of us in Yemen Times. It resembles our intentions to build an institutional newspaper that Yemenis can be proud of wherever they go. With hard work, there is nothing impossible. Hard work is the main and most important characteristic that we in Yemen Times inherited from the founder Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, and I am sure that right now, he will certainly be proud of what we have achieved after he was gone…”