In which fields should women work? [Archives:2006/947/Community]

May 18 2006

Yasmeen Abdullah Al-Haddad
First of all when we talk about women, we should remember that we are talking about a creature of Allah SWT. She is not only part and parcel of society; but of life itself which does not dry up. She is society and its foundation; its builder; and the keeper of generations. She is the mother of the present and founder of the future.

In the past, women have had access to different fields of work and activities during her life. As we all know, it was not just housework that took up her time. She was a presence in wars, on farms, in medicine and there were those who were the wives of the prophets and companions.

Nowadays some say women should stay at home. Others, however, believe she should go out into the world and share in the building of civilizations and achieve her goals in all fields, thereby putting a sound foundation within society to help in her country's development.

In my opinion, whatever women are wherever women work; they will always be the builders of generations.

Those who believe she is best working in her home must know that this is based mainly on the premise that a woman builds the life of her children and future generations. It is based on a woman planting and sowing the seeds that are imbued into immovable roots within these generations that will spread goodness. As a housewife she is a mother who teaches her child how to carry their responsibilities and their burdens.

At the same, for those who believe that a woman should work out in the world, a woman also brings up and raises generations because her job serves her society. If she is a teacher she acts as the mother of her students. If she is a doctor she acts as a mother of her patients by whose side she stays when they are sick. If she is a writer she sparks the imagination within the mind of her readers and their children as well.

Wherever she is found, a woman is the backbone on which society depends to move forward. She is the breeze that refreshes souls.

An important point that needs to be stressed is that a woman spends more than twelve years in studies at school plus four to seven years at college or the university. This is so she can work and hold down the responsibilities this demands of her; it is not just to go back home to forget all that she has studied.

It is necessary that women have solid aims and goals, since her role in society is significant. I hope people will put an end to the misconception that a woman must be confined to her home and not allowed to participate in jobs outside that prison. A woman he is the heart of life.

I don't just say this because I am a woman. I say it because it due to me and to all women in this country.

Am I right?