In Zabid & Taban,$10 million worth, 20 irrigation projects [Archives:2004/753/Business & Economy]

July 8 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The project of developing irrigation affiliate of the Yemeni ministry of irrigation is planning to implement the next year 20 irrigation projects in Wadi Zabid and Wadi Taban in the governorates of Hudeida and Lahj costing $ 10 million, 153 thousand funded by the International Development Organisation.
Those projects are aimed at maintaining and developing the converting barriers, irrigation canals, control gates and improving rural areas roads, protecting soil from being washed away and protection of villages against torrents damage as well as repairing agricultural areas roads.
The projects are also aimed at implementation of intensive guidance program covering an area of 5 thousand hectares to give information on modern agricultural technology. The work began in implementing four projects at a cost of $4 million, three of them in Wadi Taban in Lahj; including the protection of the wadi banks and repairing and developing the converting barriers in upper and lower of this wadi reputed for cotton growing. The fourth project includes the protection of the villages of Zabid wadi well-known for the agriculture of palm trees and cereals against damage of torrents.
The project also aims at re-habilitating a number of agricultural areas roads in wadis of Zabid and Taban and also qualification of water control and barriers installations. There would be 120 social contracts to be concluded with societies using waters, each contract to be YR 2 million for the purpose of implementing works of digging and removing sedimentation, repairing irrigation capacity and protection of the villages.
Implementation of the entire project comes as part of efforts by the ministry of agriculture to surmount problems of water shortage, protection of soil against being washed away and carrying out projects related to infrastructure to improve processes of agricultural marketing in the country.