Inagurated by the Minister of Development & Planning Al-Jazeera Information Technology & Communication Exhibition 99 NOW OPEN [Archives:1999/09/Local News]

March 1 1999

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Soufan, Minister of Development and Planning, yesterday morning inaugurated, the Al-Jazeera Information Technology & Communication Exhibition 99, sponsored by Apollo.
The exhibition is taking place at the Expo exhibition center. The Expo exhibition center, which is the largest in the whole republic, is provided with facilities and enhancements that can match international standards.
28 company agents for 80 international specialized brand marks in Information Technology are participating in the exhibition, which will continue till the 4th of March 1999.
Mr. Tawfiq Al-Nihmi, the General Manager of Apollo International Exhibition Company, indicated that his company aims to make exhibitions like this one (JETCOM99) an annual event. He also mentioned that the exhibition will demonstrate the latest information technologies available today, especially now that the world is witnessing a boom in the fields of software and hardware. He also stressed that the exhibition is also expected to include the latest networking technologies for video conferencing, which will be shown for the first time ever in Yemen. Mr. Tawfiq concluded that this exhibition will be a milestone in the technology and exhibition businesses in Yemen, and will help Yemen prepare its technology for the next millennium.
Expo Center is considered the first exhibition center in the country to enable company agents to demonstrate their products through seminars. As a matter of fact, JETCOM99 will include a number of lectures and seminars, which will explain some company products and services along with universal technology problems such as the Y2K.
It is worth mentioning that Expo Center will continue to launch many other exhibitions aiming to revive the business movement in Yemen, and to introduce the latest various products to the Yemen public. This also is aimed at showing the world that the developments in Yemen are quite promising and the situation is stable in all aspects.
Future exhibitions planned to be held at the Apollo Expo Center include the International Health Exhibition for Medicine and Medical Equipment from 23rd to the 26th of May 1999, plus other international exhibitions.