Inaugurating issuance of Poetical divans for illiterate poets [Archives:2004/782/Culture]

October 18 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The Civil Democratic Tropism Foundation (CDTF) held last Saturday a meeting in which it inaugurated a divan of poems for illiterate poets in the presence of 30 of them from provinces all over Yemen except for Sana'a and Aden.
A book composed of 1200 pages was shown in the meeting, which was held at Taj Saba Hotel in Sana'a and sponsored by the German Embassy, in the framework of Sana'a being the Arab Cultural Capital. The book contains samples of the works of 450 illiterate poets from throughout the republic.
The inauguration started with the reading out of poetic works for poets from Sa'ada and Amran. Then, Mr. Abdulmajeed Al-Fahd delivered a speech in which he clarified that the project lasted for 19 months over two phases: the first phase was the collection and issuance of the divan, and the second was videotaping the documentary film of the two Salt and Power Journeys.
The German Ambassador to Sana'a also delivered a speech in the ceremony in which he expressed the enthusiasm of Germany to support Yemeni culture especially the manually translated culture as it is not worth-listening to anonymous sounds since the book contains dialects of primitive areas in Socotra and Al-Mahrah. He also stressed that the Government should play a role in the maintenance of the cultural heritage in such areas, the documentation of dialects and spreading programs of these dialects. Many poems on traditions, customs and woman and revenge issues, were recited by the participating poets. This was pondered upon as the first effective contribution to civil society foundations that number up to 40,000.