Inauguration of Coastal Protectorates management [Archives:2004/762/Local News]

August 9 2004

In Mukalla, the inauguration of training program on the management of coastal protectorates took place on Sat. 31st July 2004, in Bir Ali, Broom, Shermah, Guthmoonm. Both of the governorates, of Hadhramout and Shabwah were represented at the inauguration. The program was organized by the Management of the Land and Coastal Protectorates Project, of General Authority for Environment Protection. Participants included 47 persons representing related authorities in addition to the Local Authorities in these areas. During this three day program, the participants received a number of lectures on the vital, economic and social perspectives, as well as on legal and environmental awareness. The program comes within the framework of the Land and Coastal Protectorates Project, that aims at providing the authorities concerned in the protected areas with the information and scientific knowledge to participate in the sustainable management of these protectorates.