Inauguration of IATA bureau in Yemen [Archives:2004/797/Local News]

December 9 2004

By Yemenia
for The Yemen Times

IATA has inaugurated an office in Sana'a, with Mr. Shady Muhammad Raweh selected as the Bureau Director in Yemen. The director of the IATA Bureau in Sana'a will supervise the 2005 BSP project, after all local and international arrangements have been finalized.
Chairman of the Board of YEMENIA, Capt. Abdul Khaleq al-Qadhi, has declared that this BSP project represents a qualitative transfer for the financial dealings among travel agencies and airlines companies, and organizes the financial reconciliation through an advanced computer system.
The IATA Bureau will have the main role in approving the local agencies' membership, and coordinate IATA economic and the training initiatives locally, and by coordinating with regional bureaus and training centers.
The IATA has chosen Yemen for executing IATA numerous programs in the Middle East aimed at upgrading the proficiency in navigational, economic, environmental, and training functions.
The Chairman of IATA, Mr. Jeoffany Businyani, and the Deputy Chairman, Mr. Mujdi Sabri, are paying special attention to Yemen for attention to development and innovation.