Inauguration of Old Yemeni Civilization Exhibition in Washington [Archives:2005/854/Local News]

June 27 2005

The exhibition of old caravan kingdoms, “Yemen and old incense trade”, was opened for visitors in the Central Hall, of the Institute of Smith Sonian in Washington.

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It contains more than 250 pieces of old relics. Among them are bronze and stone statues in addition to palm leaves sculptures and currencies.

The exhibits present the secret of the beauty of the old kingdoms of Himiar and Saba'a and the role these kingdoms played in the ancient world's economy. The exhibits which have toured Europe before, have now come to Washington from Sicily. They reflect the civilized face of Yemen, in reaping its incense plants that were famous all over the world, along side the spices and coffee. They were used in religious festivals.

The festival is meant to be a window to show Yemen's civilization, and to make the American media acquainted with our civilization.