Incidents from a country where human life has no value [Archives:2007/1032/Viewpoint]

March 12 2007

A few days ago a young man followed a girl from school to her home eve-teasing her on the way. When she reached home she complained to her brother who stormed out to thrash him. Unfortunately he was the one who got the thrashing as the stalker gathered four of his friends and beat the girl's brother badly. The next day the brother avenged by killing all five men.

Local reports confirm that every day there are at least 100 people killed everyday around the republic because of disputes between locals, whether in tribal areas or the cities. This number does not include the causalities because of the war in Sa'ada, where the death toll among both military and rebels has exceeded 300 since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this month, two strong tribes fought for more than a week over a 25 square kilometres land. The battle included both light and heavy arms ranging from daggers to bazookas. Members of both tribes, including young children are living in fear, looking over their shoulders whenever they walk the streets because they know they are targeted.

An old incident that was told some time ago reported a man in one of the most “modern” roads in Sana'a, Hadda Road, throwing grenades at some street vendors because they disturbed his sleep on a weekend. Luckily no one died in that incident.

There are three types of people in Yemen, a bellicose, a doormat and the indifferent. The first kind, which are the majority in Yemen, are those who are used to the rough ways of living and are mostly tribal people in rural areas who don't acknowledge the state's authority, don't abide by the law and are armed to the teeth. The second kind, are unfortunately the educated peaceful citizens who just want to get by. They do whatever they are told and always turn the other cheek even if that includes loosing a number of teeth in the process. The third category is of those living in ivory towers or their own version of the reality. They are people who have a fixed routine everyday and hardly have any interaction with the common people as they isolate themselves from the community. This type also includes diplomats and the happy tourists who come and enjoy the best this country can offer, and then return to their countries unharmed, most of the time.

You do the math.