Including French and British Yemen to Extradite 101 Foreigners [Archives:2002/04/Front Page]

January 21 2002

Yemeni official sources said Yemen would extradite around 101 Arabs and Foreigners who had been arrested because of their illegal residence in the country, in addition to carrying out acts against the national interests of Yemen. The sources said most of them were students in some religious institutes and colleges in the country, mainly Dar al-Hadith Institute in Abeeda, Marib Governorate. They belong to different countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Britain, France, Sudan, Somalia, and others.
The Yemeni Cabinet already banned the admission of Arab and foreign students in any education institutions unless they have got approval of their countries or come to Yemen through the cultural exchange programs between Yemen and their respective countries. The Cabinet also put all various educational institutions in the country under direct supervision of the Ministers of education and higher studies as well as religious guidance and endowments. The Cabinet also approved in mid this month the formation of a committee to discuss the question of Qura’an education and Islamic religion plus Arabic language. The committee, formed of different ministries, will discuss the curriculum of this sort of education, which is likely to be made similar to that of the al-Azhar in Egypt.
Since the September 11 attacks on the USA, Yemen has intended to train religious sermon preachers that are not fanatics or extremists. Such measures have been taken by the Yemeni government to crack down on any springs of terrorism or extremism.