Income-yielding projects [Archives:2004/769/Business & Economy]

September 2 2004

The Social Fund for Development and some governmental institutions exert great efforts for building income-yielding projects. The fund has recently terminated a week full of activities implemented for the small enterprises to publicize programs of various funding carried out in the governorates of Yemen for the purpose of benefiting from them in managing successful small projects.
Reliable sources told Yemen Times that the fund had reviewed local samples that had succeeded in running small enterprises with the aim of encouraging innovation and development of local industries as well as providing job opportunities and comparison between successful experiments and the possibility of generalization for other projects to realize positive and successful results.
The question is how to enable develop income-yielding projects if majority of the people in the society are unable to build small projects due to their difficult financial circumstances. Segments of the society suffering from poverty say holding symposiums and seminars does only clarify role of the smaller funding in pushing the wheel of development. As for providing jobs for the unemployed, the matter needs bigger support in comparison with what is hoped for from small enterprises. These groups see that providing capitals for building a small project is the more important link in the series of steps needed for supporting and financing family income.
The social fund for development however, encourages segments that are unable to benefit from traditional establishments of funding and to run their projects according to their limited capacities along with offering support embodied by programs for funding supported by the fund. Thus, the small projects need first a support for the essential structure necessary for building them through money assistance offered to the poor groups.