Increase in number of dengue fever in Shabwa [Archives:2005/853/Health]

June 23 2005

The health conditions, has been reviewed in Shabwa Governorate , in light of the increase of Dengue fever in the Governorate. The Govern rate's plan to combat the disease has also been reviewed.

Yemen Times has met doctor Arif Ban -nafi, General Manager of Ataq Hospital. Doctor Arif said:

A medical team from the Hospital has headed to Khora town to see and treat patients there. Doctor Arif pointed out that, it is the second team that has been sent to this infected area.

Reports say that the fever has claimed two new lives, one in Nasab, and another in Al-Rauda. Cases have increased in Khorah, where they reached 67 cases, 27 of them are suspected cases of Dengue fever. There are also 15 cases in Alrauda and 14 in Nasab.

Doctor Naser Muhsen Bau'm, local general secretary of Shabwa has met the technical team, which was sent to Shabwa, by the Ministry of Health, for fact finding. The team consists of Dr.Abdul Hakiem Al Kuhlani, General Manage of epidemic Surveillance, and Dr. Jamal Ghailan, General Manager of Malaria Combat, in addition to a number of other executives. The meeting was attended by Dr. Yesalam Mansour, General Manager of the Health and Population in Shabwa. Dr. Yaslam told Yemen Times that, the Ministry has agreed on the Governrate's plan to combat and control Dengue fever and stop its spread .He added that the plan has been implemented where the teams began spraying insecticides in each of the towns of Ataq, Azan and Maifa'a.

The local authorities in Al-Dhali had formed a follow up committee, headed by Abdul Wahid Al-Rubie' Commissioner of Al-Dhali to combat Dengue fever.

The last statistics issued by the Modia General Hospital declared that there were 681 cases which the hospital received during the last few days, of which 123 cases were malaria, and 558 are Dengue fever.