Increasing cooperation between Yemen and USA in human rights [Archives:2002/27/Local News]

July 1 2002

Dr. Waheebah Fare’a, the Minister of State for Human Rights met with Ms. April W. Palmeriee, Senior Coordinator for International Womens Issues in the US Department of State and H.E. Edmund Hull, the US Ambassador to Yemen on Monday, 24th of June.
During the meeting, the status of women in Yemen was discussed. An emphasis was put on the significantly high level of participation Yemeni women enjoy in every aspect of various social and political activities. Dr. Farea has demonstrated the work of the Supreme National Committee for Human Rights (SNCHR) in promoting and protecting human rights. She also explained the governments efforts in providing legal guarantees for human rights.
The US Ambassador expressed the interest of the embassy in the governments reply on the US report on human rights in Yemen. He also expressed his understanding of a number of issues mentioned in the reply and he described the reply as a positive gesture, which will help the embassy better understand the recent changes in the situation of human rights in Yemen.
The Ambassador added that the philosophy of the Yemeni government towards human rights reveals the true commitment of the government to promote and protect human rights. The Yemeni government had said that it views these rights as a human issue that requires a long time of practice during which a new Yemeni generation that respects and understands the culture of human rights is raised.
It was agreed during the meeting to continue the dialogue between SNCHR and the US Embassy in order to keep the embassy informed about the new positive developments in the human rights situation in Yemen, which will be reflected in future reports.