India and Pakistan: Between Wax and Wane [Archives:2002/05/Focus]

January 28 2002

Ahmed Mohyee Addeen
Saba News Agency Managing Editor
By: Ahmed Mohyee Addeen
Saba News Agency Managing Editor
The tension between India and Pakistan has been provocatively aggravated and sometimes pacified. This has made the political observers fluctuated in predicting the outbreak of the fourth war between the two adjacent countries, but there are still skirmishes along the front clashes. The two sides have sat on the same negotiation table to settle their disputes amicably. Political observers see that the tension can not be solved unless there are serious and efficient efforts by the international community. The role should be entrusted to the US because it has good relation with India and Pakistan. Political observers also indicate that the US has the ability to settle disputes and pacify the blazing intensity of nations. Other observers believe that the US will not make efforts to find a solution to the Indian-Pakistani conflict. They say It will only exert specific effort, which could block a comprehensive outbreak of the war which will in turn threaten safety and stability in the region.
This attitude performed by the US will provide its administration with an opportunity to practice pressures against Mosharaf to support the US in its war on terrorism. US intentions are to weaken this country because it possesses nuclear weapons which might threaten its interests in the future.
But the question, which poses itself, is will the US be able to preserve the intensified situation between India and Pakistan, as it desires? Or will the situation break out at any moment? Such possibility has generated fears among the political observers particularly as the two countries possess the nuclear weapons which might be used if the war erupts.
Despite the efforts of the Pakistani president to pacify the aggravated situation through diplomatic means and taking a set of procedures that he thinks can satisfy India and the US like, for example, the arrest of political leaders and breaking off relations with the Kashmiri movements, the Indian government seems to be not interested in such efforts. The Pakistani initiative was met with the refusal of India. It is widely known that the recent attacks against the Indian Parliament was carried out by the Israeli Intelligence in cooperation with the Indian Intelligence within the framework of exploiting the international deteriorating conditions to carry out military attacks against Pakistan and destroy its nuclear capabilities. Whatever has been said or told about terrorism, the conspicuous truth is that Israel tend to create tension and conflicts in many parts of the world to achieve its goal in controlling the world. Although the majority of the world leaders realize the danger of the current developments in Sub-Indian Continents or in the Middle East peace process, only a few work to help stop the tensions and the possible 0