Indian Embassy School holds Mahatma Ghandi competition [Archives:2007/1103/Local News]

November 19 2007

SANA'A, Nov. 18 ) The Indian Embassy School organized a Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Inter-School Competition at the school last Thursday. The competition included painting, drawing, coloring, elocution, essays and quizzing.

It was the first ever competition conducted by the school without any entry fee for all English middle schools in Yemen, with a special emphasis on schools in Sana'a.

“These competitions surely will facilitate young people to exchange their ideas and also will provide an opportunity for testing their skills and abilities, beyond any boundaries,” Indian School headmaster Manu Lal stated.

Thirteen-year-old Sarra Al-Hadi from the Yemen Modern School commented, “I'm participating in the drawing competition. I drew the sunset because I like it so much.”

Nadeed Abbass, 15, from the Indian Embassy School said, “I'm happy I have the chance to participate in such a competition. It's very good because it gathers students from different schools, which will encourage them to do well in the competition and gain advantages from the other students.”

She continued, “I'm participating in the elocution competition, where they give us the topic 15 minutes before the competition. I'll do my best to win.”

Eight-year-old Aisha from the Middle East School expressed, “I'm so happy to participate in this competition! I'm participating in the coloring competition by coloring a city, so I'll try to win.”