Indonesian students file complaints [Archives:2003/663/Local News]

August 28 2003

Indonesian students in Yemen have filed a complaint to the government about their deserved salaries. Around 10,000 Saudi Rials belonging to the Indonesian students was paid to the Saudi Embassy in Yemen as guarantees three years ago during performing the pilgrimage rituals.
Those guarantees should be returned Indonesian students, but students told the Yemen Times that the Endowments Ministry had despoiled that amount of money.
The students study at al-Mustafa House, Seyaoon, Hadhramout governorate.
Most of those students claim that they currently cover their necessities of life by donations and alms offered by some Yemeni benefactors of charities and other charitable societies.
“We are in dire need of our money to be returned. We appeal to the president of the republic and those who have the ability to help us returning their rights,”
The Yemen Times is still keeping files concerning their case.