Influential people grab graveyards [Archives:2005/858/Local News]

July 11 2005

ADEN- A large number of citizens expressed their strong denunciation at the crisis witnessed by a number of Aden graveyards and the lack of enough spaces to bury the dead. The situation is also similar in most of the Yemeni governorates.

Many influential people in the city of Aden were cited to grab cemeteries and exhume graves to use them as lands for their personal interests. This raised concern among locals since there is no respect for the rights of the dead.

In the same context, Sheikh Tariq al-Dhahiri General Director of Aden's Endowments Office said such lands should be protected whether how old or new they are.

He confirmed that a number of influential people showing dominance over several graveyards caused immense crisis that hampered burying the dead bodies and there are many procedures to be taken against them by the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance.

Al-Dhahrani signaled out that Aden's Endowments Office expended precious efforts to make available large pieces of land enough for burying the dead.

He denied the credibility of grave exhumation and cemetery grab.

The General Director of Aden's Endowment Office made a mention of the situation of mosques and the conflicts between religious sects as well as the attacks upon mosque preachers under the pretext of discussing non-religious matters.