Information Minister addresses journalist [Archives:2005/826/Local News]

March 21 2005

Aden Bureau
Hussein al-Awadhi, Minister of Information, says that the new wages policy will include journalists, as they are specialized staff. He expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Civil Service for incorporating journalists in the new policy which is to be announced shortly.

At the meeting with local media leaders in Aden on March 12, the Minister also said that local media needs to be improved. “The media outlet should be linked to citizens' concerns and cares, reflecting their day-to-day affairs and the changes in the country since the Reunification in 1990.”

Mr. Al-Awadhi said it is significant to celebrate and mark the unification anniversary and display its implications in the form of the achievements during the post-reunification age under the reign of his Excellency Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic.

“Media should expose the development success in education, health, roads, dams, etc, and the prominent role assumed by Yemen, its regional and international status, and its policies directed towards supporting stability in the area and its efforts to activate pan-Arab cooperation,” he explained.

He added that the political leadership of President Ali Abdullah Saleh lay special emphasis on reinforcement of democracy and the freedom of expression.

The Minister praised the role of pioneering media personalities who will be honored on the anniversary.

“I hope media coverage of the occasion will live up to the great achievements brought about by virtue of the Reunification.”