Information symposium recommends, Establishment of Arab network for scientific & technical information [Archives:2005/834/Business & Economy]

April 18 2005

At the conclusion of the meetings held on Wednesday on the Information Symposium and its role in upgrading efficiency, the participants had recommended the establishment of an Arab network for scientific and technical information as well as specialized national information centers as part of integrated national systems for information.

The participants also stressed the necessity of expanding Arab coordination in this area and the work on linking national information, scientific and technical networks to an Arab information network.

Participants in the symposium organized by the ministry of higher education and scientific research, represented by the Sana'a University, and in cooperation with the Arab Union of Scientific Research Councils, recommended there should be an adoption of a national strategy for information.

That strategy must respond to requirements of comprehensive development and keep pace with contemporary developments of information technologies and communication.

It also has to support activities of scientific information researches and to invest them in advancement of the level of performance efficiency of the society's technical and service sectors. In addition to that is the necessity of completing Arab and national information and communication sector's infrastructures and benefiting from modern information systems.

The symposium also called upon scientific sides to include those recommendations in geographical curricula to be taught as part of Arab universities curricula.

The participants stressed the necessity of developing and qualificating human families in areas of information technology. As well as the establishment of scientific cities for information technology to be a medium between scientific research and modern technology and to benefit from them in sectors of labour and production.

They asked also for formation of a national working team in every Arab country to study the recommendations and facilitate the process of implementation. Government and private establishments concerned with following up information, communication and production should take part.