Information Training and Integration Institute organizes lecture [Archives:2004/756/Local News]

July 19 2004

The Information Training and Integration Institute organized on Monday July 11 as part of its open-day activities a lecture under the title “Information and Human Rights”. The lecture was delivered by Ms. Amt Al-Aleem Al-Soswah, minister of human rights.
She pointed out that there could not be talk about human rights separately from the freedom of the media organizations. She emphasized the importance of reconsidering the definition of what the media organizations, official and private or political party affiliated are, since as it is noticeable when encountering a crisis, the crisis is treated in the media organizations in a way that exacerbates the crisis and not in a more rational way, especially when crisis is related to social peace.
The minister added that the media organizations should handle critical issues through methods that help them develop and become more professional and reliable.