Inspiration from President Saleh [Archives:2003/04/Focus]

January 27 2003

The president’s speech during the conference for Interior Ministry leaders Jan. 6 to 8 had a clear vision in which he addressed the opposition and invited all of Yemen’s citizens to stand abreast to face the challenges.
He, on one hand, manifested the wisdom of authority, that is to act and impose laws and prevent crimes from happening.
On the other hand he pointed out that his invitation to unite together does not change the idea of participation in authority ensuring that the participation only comes through vote boxes and getting people’s trust.
So the opposition really needs to get the point of the president speech – to address the public instead of mistrusting the participation in the ruling government – and to start to adopt practical programs related to raise awareness among the people about their rights and assist them to get developed and improved through parties adoption for developmental programs according to their capabilities or through their merged associations.
The president insisted on first getting people’s trust which is undoubtedly the only way to that the opposition has to take if they want the power and implement their programs.
In all cases, it is supposed to hold strongly all the religious and national values and principles in favor of the country, far from the conspiracies and exchanges and accusations against each other. This certainly serves the external enemy who would invest these conspiracies to err discourse among Yemeni people.
Finally, let’s make the president our reference that is respectable by all.
I am not adopting the authority’ point of view but I invite the opposition to change the way they work into adopting the development instead and getting closer to people, not through the newspaper but through reality.
The country is the responsibility of all, the authority and opposition. Let’s take Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Saqqaf’s unique experience. A lot of people miss him. He was a pioneering example in opposition and encouraged the development of participation and giving advice as well.