Integrating human rights into Yemeni law [Archives:2004/731/Local News]

April 22 2004

Wednesday, 21 April 2004- The Civic Democratic Initiatives Support Foundation (CDF) concluded a workshop on human rights recently held under the slogan, “Human rights security and freedoms.”
The workshop was organized by the foundation in coordination with the Ministries of the Interior and Human Rights and in cooperation with the UN Fund for Women (UNFW).
The workshop aimed at achieving mechanisms to assist the integration of human rights into the application of Yemeni law especially in connection with the judiciary and security, and to increase awareness among the staff of the judicial apparatus.
The workshop, attended by some members of Parliament, dealt also with a number of issues, including casting some light on the principles of human rights in the related international conventions and in the Yemen constitution, along with a study of how to work and abide by the implementation and application of political or civil rights and other rights, which must be protected and respected by the security apparatus.
The experiment of the human rights committee of the Parliament was also reviewed during the workshop, where the audience called for coordination between this committee and the various related organizations.