Intelligence! [Archives:2003/656/Business & Economy]

August 4 2003

Why do people think? Why when it's time to make a decision most people need sometime to think? And what does thinking have to do with information, the information taught, tested and required all the time.
We think because we need information; information can substitute thinking especially in routine matters because we know whatever we used to do previously will work also this time, yet thinking may not be a substitute for information, this is why we use thinking in the hunt for information that might help us in making better decisions.
Nevertheless, our new age of computers and advanced information systems provides us with overwhelming information, and for that we also use thinking to avoid the confusion and to classify that information as per our needs for it, and how we can utilize it.
So thinking is important, and even more important when you do not have full information about a subject, like the future, for example, while dealing with the future we need thinking because we never have perfect information about it.
On the other hand, even if you have perfect information about a certain matter that is not enough if what you are looking for is creativity, design, enterprise, and doing something new, so you need thinking in order to make even better use of information that is also available to your competitors.
So, the point is that information is very important, but not enough, you need to think and think good to come up with new innovations and enhance creativity in whatsoever it is you are doing.
But intelligence is something different; you need to think to come up with intelligent solutions to the problem or the situation that made you think in the first place, let me illustrate with an example of an advertisement.
ABC ltd. has a marketing problem; they know they need intelligent promotion to succeed, so they provide all the relevant information to an advertising agency in order to obtain the solution to their problem. Now the advertising agency can do what they always do; book some media space and announce an offer or as such. Or think and come up with a new advertising; make direct mailers and send them to potential customers or advertise in some new media. Or can come up with an intelligent solution, with the help of information, think creatively and dig deep for an intelligent solution, for advertising that would really work.
Endnote: All Information is valuable, and thinking can add to it an increasing value because we use thinking to process information and come up with intelligent solutions to our problems.