Inter-Party dialogue halted [Archives:2007/1043/Local News]

April 19 2007

SANA'A, April 17 ) Joint Meeting Parties assured that their dialogue with the General People Congress (the ruling party) has been halted, declaring that their counterparts in the ruling party are responsible for the dialogue standstill.

In a meeting with Joint Meeting Parties' pressmen, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), Yassin Sa'eed Noman, asserted that the dialogue stopped; however, he stressed the importance of continuing the dialogue, being a national necessity aiming to reform the political system.

In the meantime, General People Congress secretary general Abdulqadder Bajjamal declared that the dialogue was halted in order to have some rest, promising its resumption after some days. He further pointed out that having dialogue with JMP is important.

Noman added that the ruling party closed the door before dialogue in an attempt to keep the post-election existing situation; however, they were convinced by donor countries to maintain their dialogue with opposition parties, especially those represented in the Parliament.

According to him, the dialogue was discussing three key issues related to electoral system regulations, parties, and local authority laws. Also, he added that the ruling party was trying to impose a control authority over parties' work.

He further emphasized the importance of reflecting the developments of dialogue in newspapers and setting a media plan to cover the coming period, indicating that Press and Publication law is among the priorities of the dialogue.