International Community Service Project: MV DOULOS Visits Aden [Archives:1998/21/Last Page]

May 25 1998

The Doulos was built in 1914. Its original name was Medina. She is today recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest operating passenger ship.
The Doulos is owned and operated by GBA, Gute Bcher fr Alle, a private, non-profit, charity organization registered in Germany. GBA has operated the vessel since 1978. Over the past 16 years, this ship has visited more than 65 countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. In 1994, the Doulos had a very successful visit to Dubai and Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.
GBA seeks to promote good education and international understanding through its floating book fair and cultural exchange programs. The Doulos crew and staff have also been involved in providing long term humanitarian relief in areas of great need or tragedy.
Every year, more than 200 young men and women from about 30 different countries, join the ship for 12 months of training and cross-cultural exposure. Thereafter, they return to their home countries and take up responsible positions, often in civic leadership.
Every one serving on board the Doulos is a volunteer, working and learning without any salary. The Doulos is neither affiliated to nor supported by any political or corporate organization.
On board the ship is a book fair. Thousands of titles covering a wide range of subjects, such as science, sports, hobbies, cookery, the arts, philosophy, children’s books, etc., are on display and for sale, at much lower prices than the market rate.
The books are carefully chosen to be of interest to every member of the family and with the educational and social needs of the local community in mind. Most of the books are in English although books in other languages are sometimes available.
“It is our firm policy not to display or sell any books of political or pornographic nature. The books are supplied by recognized and respected publishers in the UK and USA,” said Graham Jack, Project Manager for the MV Doulos in Aden.
The floating Book Fair will be open to the general public during the visit of Doulos at the Mualla Terminal in Aden during 26-31 May, 1998.
Graham Jack also told to the Yemen Times that the ship will donate some 4,000 books to local academic institutions.