International conference on Arab women rights [Archives:2005/873/Front Page]

September 1 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A, 31 Aug.- Human Rights Minister, Amat Al-Aleem Alsoswa revealed Wednesday that Final plans are ready for holding a conference on the rights of Arab Women to be convened in Sana'a on 26-28 November 2005.

The conference aims at ensuring practical application of the principles and commitments adopted by Sana'a declaration at the conference held in this regard last year. Those principles would help pave the way for free discussions and exchange of views and empowerment of woman to have a chance for participation in public life. The conference would also be a good opportunity for participation of international and regional experiences, in addition to finding an appropriate mechanism guarantee women's rights.

The conference also aims at identifying positive actions that will guarantee expressing of the protection of women's rights and avoidance of rhetoric speeches as well as the attainment at results that would improve the woman future.

The conference also aims at finding a developed regional and international mechanism bridging legal gaps of international and domestic commitments towards human rights and how they are implemented. The conference is also to tackle a number of other issues related to human rights.

Minister Alsoswa statements came during the third annual meeting of donors and UN organizations held Wednesday. Achievements in human rights fields were discussed at this meeting, in addition to the annual ministry report. Donors also reviewed the ministry's annual human rights report. There was also a briefing on the woman conference that the government will be organizing by the end of this year.

150 Yemeni and other 150 regional and other participants are expected to participate in the scheduled conference.