International convention for disabled people [Archives:2005/813/Local News]

February 3 2005

Under the patronage of Mr. Abdualkareem al-Arhabi, Minister of Social Affairs, the Caring and Rehabilitating Disabled Fund (CRDF), the and Human Rights Ministry, a workshop was held on Jan. 17 to discuss the international convention on rights for disabled people.

Abduallah Ahmed al-Hamdani, Executive Manager of the CRDF, said in a statement to The Yemen Times, “this workshop is mainly to discuss the international convention related to the human rights and dignity of disabled people.”

Ms. Raja al-Masabi, the head of Arab Institution for Human Rights said “we want to come up with a national vision about the international convention for protecting the rights of disabled people and we have several suggestions.”

Saleh Ahmed Ali, the Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, commented that “the government pays a lot of attention to the disabled sector and provides them with different services in all fields. There is special fund to take care of disabled people and gives services through different social institutions and organizations. There are various rehabilitation centers for all kinds of disabilities, although we hope for further developments in this area.”