International Crescent concludes course [Archives:2004/797/Local News]

December 9 2004

The recent course of the Islamic Committee of International Crescent concluded its activities last Monday.
During the opening session of the course, Dr. Abubaker al-Qirbi reinforced the agreement between the national legislations of Islamic countries with the international human rights law. He called on all Islamic governments to finalize the steps toward practicing international human rights law for the good of the Islamic nation.
Dr. Ali Abu Humdah, Chairman of the Islamic Committee of International Crescent, said that the Islamic Conference Organization is aware of the need to support and improve the joint work in this area and the importance of increasing the participation of the Islamic nation in the efforts of the international community.
Dr Mohammed al-Kabab, Chairman of the Yemeni Red Crescent Association that hosted the course, said that the occasion “opened the door of cooperation and partnership with all international and regional organizations that are concerned with achieving the goals of the Islamic Conference Organization.”
Secretary-general of the Islamic Conference Organization said that, “we are trying to study the best possible ways of achieving the goals of this course meeting the needs of the Islamic nation in the field of the social and human services in all conditions.”
Many papers were presented in the course including the paper of Ahmed Naser Al-Hamati, Deputy Minister of Information, about the media and its role in spreading international human rights law. Another paper was presented by Qatar Red Crescent represented by Dr. Mohammed Bin Ghanem about the importance of charitable work in the international human rights movement.