International Criminal CourtParliamentarians want ratification [Archives:2004/706/Front Page]

January 26 2004

Participants in the parliamentarian workshop at the conference involving the International Criminal Court Jan. 19 and 20, affirmed the necessity to review Yemeni statutes, to comply with the articles of the court, particularly to determine the penalties for crimes committed against humanity, war crimes and genocide.
The participants urged the government to activate the recommendations of the seminar held by the Arab League in Cairo in 2002, which included the call for an exemplary Arab Law pertaining to the crimes related to the International Criminal Court, the general fundamentals and the procedures according to international standards and the importance of the Arab presence at the International Criminal Court.
Chieftain/ Abdullah Ben Hussein Al-Ahmar, the parliament speaker, announced last week that the Yemeni parliament shall shortly ratify Roma Convention which established the international court, particularly under the actions perpetrated against the Palestinian and Iraqi people.
This declaration came in his word which he delivered in front of the workshop which was sponsored by the parliament's constitutional and legislative committee in association with the Mission of the Red Cross.
Chieftain Al-Ahmar requested the participants to exert their best by reviewing the Yemeni legislations and constitutional texts, which respect human rights.
He said many countries depend on the ICC and its prospective role under the international developments witnessed worldwide following the collapse of USSR and the single handed hegemony of USA, confirming that the establishment of the ICC shall undoubtedly serve to curtail the supremacy of major on countries towards weaker and smaller nations, so that this court shall stand against warmongers who have enslaved the nations and committed genocide and systematic killings.