International Day for eradicating illiteracy [Archives:2004/771/Community]

September 9 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Yemen partakes with countries around the world, in celebrating the International Day for eradicating the illiteracy the 8th September of every year. Yet it should be remembered that the percentage of illiterate people in Yemen rises every year. This topic has been representing a real danger to the Yemeni community and has now reached a critical stage. The attempts to eradicate illiteracy have been numerous but unsuccessful, meanwhile, in the developing communities, this failing has been interpreted as an incapability of dealing with computers and the Internet. The numbers of those unable to read and write give increasing cause for concern and it is all the more surprising then, that the issues are not given the due consideration by the official and non-official authorities, that befits the gravity of the situation.