International expertise forThe project of improving economic management [Archives:2004/760/Business & Economy]

August 2 2004

The ministry of civil service is seeking help from international technical expertise for improving the economic administration after its potency has proved its capability of surmounting management difficulties. The project aims at increasing production and fighting corruption within a framework of administrative reforms program meant for building self capabilities of government institutions, ministries and establishments.
The minister of civil service Hamoud Khalid al-Soufi has recently discussed with advisor of the project for improvement of economic administration performance in Yemen and the international expert in investment of funding offered by social security funds the support presented to the project in areas of international expertise and consultancies.
The project aims at investing money of social security funds and pension in guaranteed investment projects and safe help achieve high investment return and contribute to the process of economic and social development, including international expertise and support of the state establishment for social securities and the state organization for securities and pensions.
Implementation of the project of improvement of economic administration is coinciding with the execution by the ministry of civil service of the first phase of reconstruction and restructuring the state apparatuses and utilities aimed at development and realization of a qualitative transfer in the process of reform of the state administration machinery.
Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajamal has affirmed, at a workshop held in Sana'a for evaluation of conditions of employees' affairs, which the stage of reforms during the next period would focus on following modes of rational administration guaranteeing the attainment of justice and equality between all rights and duties.
The ministry of civil service has decided scientific means for administration modernization and removing mistaken concepts that adhered to tasks of employees affairs in order to invest human resources and liberate the administration from restraints chaining them.
The ministry is presently working at completing the national strategy for wages and salaries by adding more discussions to it by all parties before approving its final version and referring it to parliament to be endorsed. It is expected that the strategy would be put into force late of this year.