International law symposium concludes in Aden [Archives:2006/937/Local News]

April 13 2006

ADEN, April 10 ) A symposium to teach international human law in Yemeni universities concluded Sunday, April 9, in Aden. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) organized it in cooperation with the National Committee for International Law Affairs.

Twenty academics from six colleges, as well as faculty deans, participated in the symposium. For two days, participants discussed work papers concerning international law in today's world and the facts of teaching international human law in Yemeni universities. They also discussed difficulties in university terms and ways to support international law teaching staff's needs. Additionally, they reviewed the best methods for introducing international law into Yemeni universities' curriculums.

The symposium yielded a number of decisions recommending teaching international law in government and private Yemeni universities. Some Yemeni universities began teaching international human law last year, among them Sana'a, Aden and Ibb. This is in addition to teaching the subject in army, police and other military institutes and colleges.

The ICRC called for continuing to supply necessary documents and references for easy access to researchers and teaching staff, on condition that a copy is given to the faculty's deanery to be put in the library. Exchanging visits also should occur between Yemeni universities to share experiences on how to teach international human law.

ICRC mission head Martin Amakhir, Aden University Rector Dr. Abdul Wahab Rawih, Attorney General Dr. Abdullah Al-Ullofi and Dr. Abas Zobarah, Secretary of the National Committee for Legal Affairs, attended the symposium.