International Women’s Day Observed [Archives:2001/11/Local News]

March 12 2001

Women’s Cultural Forum, in cooperation with Yemeni-German Hospital, held on Sunday a celebration marking International Women’s Day on March 8.
Participants in the forum stressed the necessity of women’s participation in political and public life in a more active and advanced form .
In her address on the occasion Nabila Az-Zubair stressed that the forum’s aims were to give prominence to women’s activities in various cultural, social and other creative fields. In addition to that she called for activation of women’s creative and cultural potential locally and internationally and for promotion of women’s writings.
Engineer and media person Fatima al-Huraibi who had won a seat in local councils’ membership in the latest elections, presented her experience in contesting the elections, requested the sincere support of the political parties for women and thanked all parties for voting in her favor.
Engineer al-Huraibi had contested the elections as a candidate of the People’s General Congress. She said her interaction with voters in the residential quarters where she lived had made them feel confident in her ability to carry out her duties.
Many festivities and meetings had been held in various Yemeni governorates to observe International Women’s Day on March 8.
Meanwhile the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has, in its statement issued on the occasion, given a call to all parties to enable female journalists to assume the post of Editor-in Chief of newspapers, beginning from the 21st of this month.
The Syndicate stressed that demand, assuring its full support for achieving it. It has emphasized that the demand is in keeping with the spirit of positive interaction with women.