Internet and satellite channelsNew investments [Archives:2003/632/Business & Economy]

April 21 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
In Yemen the term ''investment'' means the achievement of possible goals with least losses. Under the stagnation of economic situations, inertia of investment movement and retreat of private sector in the free zone and container port, Yemeni businessmen have invented the easiest way for investing their money and make up for their losses.
Despite the fact that the Yemeni society is still far away from comprehensive employment of computer and the internet, some businessmen, however, preferred to take the chance of investing their funds in opening internet cafes to the youth and citizens. It calls the attention that internet cafes are quickly spread in the capital city of Sana'a as businessmen's main objective is to gain financial proceeds compensating their owners for what they have lost in investment in service, productive or tourist fields.
Nearby the Sana'a University very many internet cafes have been opened to help students obtain research and entertainment information and to connect them with information and news world simultaneously. But such a spread of the web is no longer confined to streets nearby the university. They are abundant at various areas of the capital. Youths and citizens turnout at internet cafes is big where we find youths engrossed with using computers to browse various websites.
Most youths prefer sites dealing with research and chats as well as completing their study researches. Owners of the cafes say the Yemeni youths have much liking to knowledge despite their difficult financial circumstances, confirming that their turnout is good and brings financial gains. They add that most of internet websites visitors have expatriate families and they communicate with them via internet conversation, but what matters most for cafes owners is the financial benefits.