Internet cafes inspected [Archives:2003/645/Local News]

June 26 2003

Teams have been formed, extensive specialized field visit teams to internet cafes in every corner of the capital secretariat have been sent by the General Director of the Telecommunication, Mr. Yahya Aseyaghi in order to inspect services of internet cafes in Sanaa City.
Those field visits have come as a result of direct orders given by Eng. Abdulmalik Al-Moalemi's, Telecommunication and Information Technology minister to filter out Internet Cafes not confirming to the law.
The majority of the internet cafe owners have shown adherence to regulations and rules mentioned for the interest of the public.
The minister has also issued directives to apply necessary procedures against internet cafes which haven't shown any adherence to instructions.
Duties of those field visit teams are to be expanded in order to include all the internet clubs and cafes in all the governorates of the republic.