Internet the best solution for many Marriage seekers resort to the media [Archives:2005/819/Community]

February 24 2005

Taiz Bureau
As more people turn to advertisements in magazines or on the Internet to find a marriage partner, one wonders how serious are those who actually respond?

On one website, there are thousands of men and women displayed along with personal details including their age, height and interests.

Is possible for anybody to expose themselves in two or three lines in order to make a genuine impression? This is just one example: “a 29-lady-well cultured-beautiful asks for a suitable groom between 30 and 40 years upon the condition that he has to respect the marital life.”

Teacher Iman al-Ghamid, 27, says “Frankly I do not encourage the idea of advertising for the sake of having a groom, particularly we live in a conservative society. This manner of merchandizing a woman contradicts her human dignity and if the life partner cannot be obtained according to the traditional ways, I would prefer to stay spinster for the rest of my life.”

Arwa, 24, a university student says “I do not mind advertising in any media to find a groom, and this can come after a close investigation and complete study of the advertisement owner including his family origin. There should also be time to allow both families to recognize each other.”

A lady requesting anonymity said “at the beginning I was amused by the idea and so I made an advertisement on the internet asking for a groom, not using my real name but revealing some of my personal qualities. I was surprised to find a large number of people who requested to marry me in my email, including highly educated Yemenis. Some of them were already married and wanted to marry again.”

Waheeb Thabet, university student says “it is possible for our society to accept the idea of publishing an advertisement of such kind for a variety of reasons. When a young man proposes to girl and her parents learn that there is already a love between the pair, they will refuse the marriage proposal. Besides, relatives of the young man prevent their son from marrying a lady after she made an advertisement of herself.

In the recent days, the number of Arab and Islamic websites that offer services for youths with respect to marriage facilities have increased, and a large numbers of Arab and Muslim youths were found to visit these sites in order to establish relationships and know about each other. As the girl is prevented by her parents to meet someone who is not of her relatives in order to establish relationship, the internet and the other media means became a suitable way for finding a life partner.

In Yemen we find that the majority of youths (males and females) accept to have an access to marriage and recognize each other through the Internet, however a small minority use this way as a kind of entertainment.”

Ahmad, 30, a university graduate, “I hate the traditional methods that helps one get married and during my university study, I recognized many of my female classmates and could not find my life partner. But now I think of marrying a lady from one of the gulf countries and I am ready to travel to her residence or to receive her here upon the condition that I should have an access to know about her family and behavior.”