Internet workshop at YALI [Archives:2005/804/Local News]

January 6 2005

The staff of the American Embassy's Information Center (IRC) conducted a three-day internet research workshop recently at the Embassy's Info Quest Center at YALI.

The training was offered to 10 Sana'a University Teachers who are department chiefs and assistants.

The objectives of the training workshop were:

-Introduce students to 'The Web'.

-Teach students how to use 'Web Browsers' and its different elements.

-Teach students how to employ 'Smart Research Strategies'.

-Introduce students to 'Searching 101' on the Internet.

-Train the students in 'Using Web Search Tools'.

-Introduce students to 'Specialized Databases' and their use.

-Train students in 'Finding Articles' on the Internet.

-Train students in 'Evaluating Websites'.

-Teach students about copyright laws and 'Citing Net Sources'.

The training material and supporting resources were acquired from Ohio State University 'net. Tutor' program.

The training strategy involved the presentation of concepts using a computer projector display. The training course were divided into three main sections with each section delivered at sessions of three hours a day. Each lecture was followed by a three hour practical session.

The workshop was concluded with the distribution certificates.

A short discussion with the participants focused on future prospects and venues of cooperation between the United States and the University of Sana'a.