Introductory workshop set up [Archives:2004/764/Community]

August 16 2004

By YT staff

Events for an Introductory Workshop on life safety which was organized by the General Authority for Environment Protection and the national program for Life Safety was set up at al-Saeed hall in Taiz, on Sunday – 8th Aug. 2004 in collaboration with the al-Saeed Establishment for Science and Culture. After a Qura'an recitation, the speeches began. It was declared to Y T by Mr. Abdul-keem Rajeh, coordinator of the national program for Life Safety, that the workshop targeted 80 trainees representing staff in the manufacturing, food stuffs, agricultural products sectors and the scientific research establishments specializing in Technology & Life education which comes within the workshops aegis. It has been organized by the Authority in a number of the Republics governorates, to introduce this essential theme along with the path of admitting the national program for life safety in conformity with the Carthage protocol relating to the life safety agreement in connection with biological variety.
Dr. Mansoor el-Aqel of the Research Authority for Agriculture and a member of the National Committee for Life Safety has submitted a paper on vast variety of living organisms in land based and oceanic eco-systems. Dr. Aref al-Hammadi of Life Science section of the science faculty in Sana'a University has also submitted a paper on essential technology & life safety. Then, Dr. Amin al-Hakeemy from the Hereditary Origins center at the faculty of agriculture, in Sana'a University has also disclosed the variety of crops and there significance in sustainable agriculture development in the Republic of Yemen. Dr. Jaafer Showtah submitted a paper also on the legal organization of life safety. Finally, Dr. Mufeed al-Athwary submitted his paper in connection with the nutrition of genetically modified foodstuffs and there impact.
The trainees have received visual aids and displays during the workshop which was concluded by issuance of numerous recommendations. The workshop's inauguration was attended by Mr. Muhammad al-Hayajem, Deputy Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Faisel Saeed Farae – General Manager of al-Saeed Establishment for Science & Culture, and Mr. Sadeq Mohsen Salah – General Manager of Tourism & Environment Office in Taiz as well as Mr. Ammar al-Mua'llem – Director of Information & Public Relations Office of Taiz Governorate in addition to a number of scholars, researchers and interested persons and a number of those affiliated to the commercial and industrial sector in Taiz Governorate.