Investigation continues Prominent sheikh’s son-in-law arrested over Omar assassination [Archives:2003/05/Front Page]

February 4 2003

Yemeni authorities arrested Wednesday the son-in-law of Sheikh Abdulamajeed al-Zindani in connection with the assassination of the YSP leader.
Reliable sources said that Abdulsalam Al-Hariri, married to one of the Zindani’s daughters was arrested by intelligence after being interrogated by the prosecution.
The prosecution summoned al-Kamil to be questioned in connection with the assassination of Jralallah Omar, YSP’s Assistant Secretary General after his name was mentioned while interrogating the assassin, Ali Jarallah.
He was taken by the intelligence after the prosecution interrogated him.
Al-Kamil studied in Saudi Arabia during the 1980s and he was married to al-Zandani’s daughter during the early 1990s.
The authorities have already arrested a number of people on charges of having links with the killers of Omar and the US aid workers in Jibla.
YSP sources also said that the casefile of their leader’s assassination has been returned to the intelligence for further investigation.
The killer as well as the other suspects are being now interrogated again by the intelligence.
The case was already given to the prosecution for completing investigation and then trial, but the YSP refused that and demanded a more thorough investigation that can disclose the compliance of the killer.
The prosecution has accepted socialist lawyers’ probe into the investigation reports and were even given copies of them.
Yet, the YSP said that these reports are not complete and more are desired. It said these reports need time to be studied.