Investigation on the Helicopter Crash Complete [Archives:1999/34/Front Page]

August 23 1999

SANA’A: The official investigation in the helicopter crash that took place approximately 10 days ago has finally reached a conclusion. The final report states that the incident happened as a direct result of the pilot’s fault during the inspection flight over Al-Abr desert in the Hadramout Province. 
The helicopter crashed in August while on duty. All 17 men who were on board died immediately after the crash, which resulted in a wrecked helicopter. The burned bodies of the victims were barely identifiable due to the furious fire that erupted on the plane, which was thought to be loaded with explosives and other weapons. The government had furiously denied the claims of the Islamist Abyan Army which claimed responsibility for this horrible crash. 
The report also stated that the high temperatures and the pilot’s inability to control the plane moments after takeoff had caused the helicopter to fall from a 1300m height to the ground. The extra weight on the helicopter was also a factor in the crash. 
The final results of the investigation were given by the official media and newspapers and the dead were buried at the martyrs’ graveyard in Sana’a City last Monday.