Investment directory on expatriates projects, completed [Archives:2004/701/Business & Economy]

January 8 2004

The ministry of expatriates affairs has finished preparations for issuing an investment directory on expatriates projects that are being implemented in order to give prominence to activities of these people in development and services areas.
The directory includes detailed information on the degree of expatriates willingness for taking interest in investment in opportunities available for them in the country and the volume of continuous growth of expatriates' capitals in various fields.
Sources at the ministry of expatriates mention that the fish and housing sectors are at the top of the list of expatriates' money investment, added to them charitable projects such as building mosques and schools.
Among priorities of investment projects the expatriates are implementing in Yemen is he finishing of the project of Housing City in the capital Sana'a. This project is being financed by the Yemeni businessman Salem Hameed Kasheem, father of the Yemeni boxing world champion Naseem, in addition to building factories for fish canning in Mukalla and other projects of road building.
Expatriates affairs ministry is currently cooperating with the ministry of social affairs and labour o studying the phenomenon of unemployment and what would the return of expatriates from some countries cause of increase in the volume of this phenomenon and how to find suitable solutions for it as well as the possibility of investing aid and foreign remittances for the mitigation of unemployment severity.
The ministry is studying with other competent authorities the question of rehabilitation and training of Yemeni labour for the purpose of preparing skillful labour capable of obtaining job opportunities in neighbouring countries markets.