Investment opportunities in Yemeni islands discussed [Archives:2004/795/Community]

December 2 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Events of the First International Conference on Investment Opportunities in the Yemeni Islands had started last Tuesday, at the Indoor Sport Hall, Sana'a, lasting until December 4. Some 340 participants representing a number of local, Arab and International companies have attended its sessions.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, Director General of the Yemeni Islands Development Authority has mentioned that the Authority has performed the researches and studies for the islands, numbering 183; scattering in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Arab Sea.
The Authority has presented a vast database to the conference, describing the contents and possible investment opportunities in the economical and environmental aspects.
The Director General of the Authority Dr. Awadh Bamatraf said that the information on these islands was not accessible, before the establishment of the Authority, only to military authorities.
“The specialized teams of the Authority have conducted field visits and surveys through which the Authority has identified the importance of the islands' locations and the investment potentials over there,” he said.
The seven inhabited islands were taken care of, and the economic surveys have contained the tourism, fishery and navigational functions of these islands and other possible functions.
He said the Authority has split up the islands into sectors, most significant of which is Hunaish sector, comprising 22 islands, Aden sector comprising 23 islands, and Alwaheedah sector with forty-eight islands as well as Arab Sea and Indian Sea with five islands. These islands are open to investment in several fields.
Prime Minister, Bajammal, has welcomed the investors in a speech, emphasizing that the Government is so interested in the scientific and social development and that it will provide the necessary facilities for the investors.
The discussion held last Tuesday has tackled the papers submitted by Dr Mohammed Qahtan on the legal status of these islands in the development and investment realm and also the Yemeni economy, and the guide of investment opportunities in the Yemeni islands as well as the environmental investment, and the building and the architectural planning in the islands. Moreover, an analytical paper on al-Duwymah, Kamaran, Meyun islands was presented too.